Policies / FAQ / WHAT TO BRING

  • Charter policy
  • Charter reservations begin with a deposit payment.
  • Participation in any charter brokered by Okinawa Fishing Charters is contingent upon agreement to any and all polices, payment schedules and objectives as defined here and/or in any document generated through the Captain.
  • Boat Rules/ Etiquette
  • Always obey the Crew and Captain. Their goal is to keep you and all the other anglers safe and happy. When on the boat you will abide by the captains rules and guidance provided! Always be aware of those around you (right, left, and when casting-behind). Exercise patience, kindness, and courtesy. Cursing loudly, while common among most of us anglers when fishing alone, can offend others on a party boat. Never drink excessively. If your lines get tangled, don't get frustrated or try to assess blame-it goes with fishing elbow to elbow, and can be a good way to MAKE friends. If you have problems with your gear. Show the Capt., he may not be able to speak English well, but sure knows how to fix up the lines and gear. All fees will need to be paid in full in USD$ before the boat will depart. No exceptions. Fees for each day will be settled by payment in full each day. No paying at the end of a couple days worth of fishing. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: HAVE FUN!
  • Missing, Stolen, Lost and Damaged
  • Okinawa Fishing is not responsible for items that are dropped into the ocean or lost while on a charter. It is the customers responsibility to know where his/her personal items are at all times.if you break or lose anything on the boat; you are responsible for replacing it.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Cancellations may be made the day of the charter at the dock by the Captain, unless weather forecasts indicate the conditions not able to commence at an earlier time and point. In such a case, a weather determination will generally be made by 5:30 pm JST the day prior. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to contact the capt the day prior to the charter between 3~7pm to verify if the charter is still going. If the conditions are poor but do not warrant a cancellation, destination may change. Be prepared to dive/fish alternative locations, we will try to give as much notice as possible about a changed destination.If you do not show up or arrive late and the boat leaves without you, you are still responsible for your reservation. If a charter is canceled by the Capt because of weather or mechanical problems with the boat prior to departure, no charges apply and if already paid, the full charter fare will be refunded. Partial refunds may be issued depending on how the trip was affected if the problem arose at sea and were related to mechanical problems. All decisions regarding cancellations and changes are made by the Captains and are final and non-negotiable on any charter sponsored by or brokered by us. The boat will leave the port once and return to port once. There is no returning to port to drop someone off and then go back out again. This will constitute as a second charter as fuel consumption will result in double usage. If you decide to return to port due to sea sickness there is no refund on charter fees or reduction in charter price.There is no negotiation or bargaining on charter fees. All prices are final. There is no guarantee that you will catch fish. That is why it is called "fishing." If we could guarantee fish or a certain size/species fish every charter then it would be known as, "catching" and not fishing. 100% refund will be issued if charter is canceled 1 week or greater prior to the date of the charter. 50% refund will be issued if charter is canceled 3 days or greater prior to the date of the charter. 0% refund will be issued if the charter is canceled less than 3 days prior to the date of the charter. Your deposit serves as a place holder for the boat when booking a charter and will be applied to the charter balance. When you cancel; the deposit serves as a cancellation fee that will be paid to the capt. as a restock fee for the loss of time and money spent on fuel, bait, ice, tackle, and rod/reel rental arrangements that were made to support the charter and loss revenue due to other cancellations made due to your charter being scheduled.


    This is a release of liability and waiver of certain legal rights In consideration for my being permitted to participate in the activities of FISHING on a Okinawa Fishing Charters brokered trip, I agree to the following Waiver and Release: At time of online booking by checking the agreement box, you agree to all terms, secondly by signing the online waiver sent to you after booking you are consenting your legal rights which we inform you of below.

    I acknowledge that FISHING has inherent risks, hazards, and dangers for everyone, that cannot be eliminated, particularly in a wilderness environment. I UNDERSTAND THAT THESE RISK, HAZARDS, AND DANGERS INCLUDE WITHOUT LIMITATION.
    1. Water hazards in boating and wading in the rivers, lakes including drowning;
    2. Hiking in the rugged country;
    3. Injuries from fishing equipment and other participants;
    4. Encounters with wildlife, animals, and insects;
    5. Temperature extremes;
    6. Inclement weather conditions and unavailability of immediate medical attention in the wilderness in case of injury.

    I understand the risks, hazards, and dangers of boating and have the opportunity to discuss them with your boat captain. I understand that these activities may require good physical conditioning and a degree of skill and knowledge. I believe I have that good physical conditioning and the degree of skill and knowledge necessary for me to engage in these activities safely. I understand that I have responsibilities. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary. No one is forcing me to participate and I elect to participate in spite of the risks. I AM VOLUNTARILY USING THE SERVICES OF Okinawa Fishing Charters and brokered captains WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE INHERENT RISKS, HAZARDS, AND DANGERS INVOLVED AND HEREBY ASSUME AND ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY, PARALYSIS, OR DEATH.
    Lastly, I, for myself, my heirs, successors, executors, and abrogates, hereby KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVE AND RELEASE, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Okinawa Fishing Charters, and brokered captains, their directors, officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from and against and all claims, actions, causes of action, liabilities, suits, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation in the activity including, but not limited to. NEGLIGENCE of any kind of nature whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising directly or indirectly out of any damage, loss, injury, paralysis, or death to me or my property as a result of my engaging in these activities or the use of these services, animals, or equipment, whether such damage, loss, injury, paralysis, or death the result from the negligence of FISHING or from some other cause. I, for myself, my heirs, my successors, executors, and surrogates, further agree not to sue Okinawa Fishing Charters or brokered captains as a result of any injury, paralysis, or death suffered in connection with my use and participation in the activities of FISHING.

NOTE: These policies may be amended at the discretion of Okinawa Fishing Charters and staff.